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NOTE - April 5th - There is no longer the ability to use Casink through online casinos, even through other deposit methods. Of course, you can also use PayPal to store funds online, allow you to make deposits at other sites later, spend money at countless retailers who accept this as a payment method, or withdraw the funds further to your bank account. PayPal also allows you some flexibility in your funding, as you can either use money already in your account or link a bank account or other financial device in order to fund your purchase and deposits.

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If a player acts out of turn, his verbal and physical announcements or actions are only binding if the situation has not changed in the meantime. Mainly because Austrian casinos are either attached or very close to large, luxury hotels that attend to international visitors, they normally offer a wide variety of games and gambling activities. A hand may be declared invalid if the player is not at his seat during the hand.

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