What does fold equity mean in poker

What does fold equity mean in poker best roulette in las vegas

It reads like a generic bit of promotion for the iPhone poker app that Hellmuth recently put his name on--which is probably exactly what it was.

Explain Poker Like I'm Five: A common scenario in which fold equity is a prime strategic consideration is when a player becomes short-stacked in a tournament and is deciding whether or not to push all in. Fold equity is the chance that he will fold, so if he doesn't fold, factoring the chance that he will into your considerations is a pointless endeavor. This is a steal-raise, meaning that you hope your opponents will fold. Fold equity is the additional equity you have in a pot by having the other player incorrectly fold. Tom Cooper The formula to work it out is as follows:.

What does fold equity mean in poker poker hands ranking percentage

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Poker Strategy: Jason Koon on Fold Equity The concept of fold equity is nothing new. Essentially, it's the money you will win in the long-term when your opponent folds. Learn how to calculate here!. Fold equity is a concept in poker strategy that is especially important when a player becomes There will be a point at which a caller will need a sufficiently small percentage of their stack to call the all-in that they will do so with any two cards. Fold equity calculations do not work if your opponent doesn't ever fold. This is a steal-raise, meaning that you hope your opponents will fold.

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